A Selection of Other Work

Katrina Elizabeth
Bridal Boutique

Logo, brand and website design for a Melbourne bridal boutique.

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Katrina Website

Formway Furniture

2 month contract building prototype models and presentation documents. I worked on model making and presentation documents for an upcoming due date.

Formway Furniture
Murray Brown Design 01
Murray Brown Design 02 Murray Brown Design 03
Murray Brown Design 03 Murray Brown Design 04
Murray Brown Design 04

Funeral Studio Website

Designed to quickly show off the 3 core parts of the Funeral Studio business, the website is a 'one-pager' that gives clients a quick understanding of how Funeral Studio can help their business.

Scroll within the laptop to view the site.

Funeral Studio
Community Funerals 01
Community Funerals 02 Community Funerals 03
Community Funerals 03 Community Funerals 04
Community Funerals 04


A startup cosmetic company whom I developed the logo, branding and packaging. As well as these I developed a series of advertisements for another existing company they owned.